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Burj Khalifa Tour

Enjoy The Majestic Burj Khalifa Tour

Burj Khalifa Tour of Dubai is the tallest man-made free-standing structure. And your Abu dhabi city tour can’t be complete without its visit. The Burj Khalifa is about 2,717 feet high, and this tallest building has 160 stepped floors. Burj Khalifa is specially designed to pay homage to the complex geometry of Islamic art. This tour gives a new meaning for the term skyscraper. Because of its classy design & its world-class facilities people from all over the world love to stay here, while Dubai city tour.

Why Should You Take a Burj Khalifa Tour?

There is no doubt that every Dubai city tour stops when it comes to Burj Khalifa. The reason is the opportunity to do adventure activities in the Dubai desert. The best part is that desert safari Dubai rates are very affordable, so anyone can enjoy doing fun activities here. Sega theme park, ice rink, cinema, and Dubai Mall are some of the incredible additions to Burj al Arab.

Experiences to Enjoy and Burj Khalifa Tour tickets

To have a truly special time during the Burj Khalifa tour, you need to choose to dine in at the restaurant & lounge atmosphere. The lounge of Burj Khalifa to dine in is on the 122nd floor, and you can experience the new heights at The lounge of Burj Al Arab, which is spread across floors number 152 to 154. This spread makes it the tallest lounge in the world.

The Burj khalifa tickets start at the top, and you can further explore various engaging experiences, such as a three-course menu at the Burj Al Arab club. Your Burj Khalifa tour wouldn’t be complete without visiting the rooftop of Burj Khalifa to enjoy the mesmerizing view of the Burj Al Arab at night.

Price 160 AED/Person (Non prime Time 124th Floor)
Price 250 AED/Person (Prime Time 124th Floor)

A tour to Dubai city isn’t complete without a visit at the iconic Burj Khalifa– the world’s tallest building and typically the most popular Dubai attraction! You can buy Burj Khalifa tickets at best prices and enjoy several deals like desert safari, City travel, and Dubai Aquarium. Admire stunning 360- views of the city from an impressive vantage point, trip the speediest elevator on earth to the observation decks of this building located at the 124th and 125th-floor, and enjoy lunch break at the chic Armani restaurant. You can go even higher to the 148th-floor where the sky deck is present (the tallest platform on the globe at 1,821 ft) and tuck into savory refreshments while soaking in magnificent views. Explore the manmade marvel and revel in a bird’s view of the Arabian Gulf and the city of Dubai from Burj Khalifa, Dubai.

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Inclusions of Burj Khalifa Tickets

  • Entrance ticket to the Burj Khalifa (at selected time)
  • Entrance to Dubai Aquarium tunnel and underwater zoo
  • Underwater Observatory

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