The Guide to Best Desert Safari Dubai

 Desert Safari Dubai

Of all wonders Dubai city holds, there is nothing parallel to the glorious desert. From adventurous desert camps to fine sand dunes, real Arabian food to camel trips, quad biking to fine sand boarding, there’s too much to do in the Dubai desert! If you are planning to visit this beautiful city, you must need the best desert safari in Dubai.

Desert safaris nowadays have grown to be the fun-filled and popular activities. Several locations are designated for this sport and the number of activities in these safaris is safe. With a huge selection of desert safaris to choose from, selecting the final safari gets frustrating. Consider the following tips to make the decision.

What makes desert safaris in Dubai special?

With infinite deserts filled up with numerous fine sand dunes providing local people and tourists similarly a fun overdue, Dubai is a city for explorers. However, things we see today as recreational are not simply a fun experience but also a normal activity that provides us with the in-depth view of local traditions. In conjunction with all the present day amenities, you can experience delicious food and impeccable entertainment during desert safaris in Dubai.

You’ll be picked up from your residence and become to the wonderful desert. In the camp, you’ll be inundated with a bunch of activities which range from falconry to sheesha, fine sand boarding to camel riding, belly dance to a buffet meal. There is something for each and every person to enjoy here.

What activities and experience are included?

In specially designed buggies you will witness fine sand dunes and later on sleep under the stars. The number of experience and activities available at a desert safari in Dubai is actually phenomenal.


You can enjoy some dune bashing, fine sand boarding, dune buggy driving, animals safari and even take a thrilling camel ride. You will find options for quad biking too if you love the excitement of using an ATV in the sand!

A taste of delicious meal:

Dubai’s desert safari’s boast several traditional activities in addition to the safari itself. The mouthwatering buffet supper and an entertainment show are a highlight. As the nighttime comes, you will enjoy a scrumptious evening meal buffet while belly dancers keep you interested. From traditional meat and kababs to Arabic tea and sheesha, you will indulge in the delicious food. Other popular party forms that happen at the camp includes tanoura boogie, puppet and horses party and the Turkish dance.

Night within the desert:

You can also choose from the night time desert safari or everyday desert safari both wonderful in their own way. As the morning and nighttime desert, safaris are well-known for their adrenaline pumping activities, the night time safaris provide best as it pertains to eating out and entertainment. Some desert safaris also enable you to spend the night time in the desert, sleeping under the personalities.

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