Our Services for Arabian Desert Safari.

As you know that we are providing services for adventure in Dubai. You will get to know the culture, the ethics, of Arabian nations. Also, we will provide you and your loved ones the best time you always wanted to have.

Desert Safari is something which is loved by all tourists. They book their presence at Evening Desert Safari with us. Desert dunes are different in size and attract people towards them. Moreover, we provide our clients with the utmost fun activities and entertainment at cheap prices.

Here are some of our services and the most affordable rates we are providing. So, without further ado, let’s find out in detail.

Morning Dune Bashing and sand boarding in Desert Safari:

Morning dune bashing and sand boarding is the most exciting feature of our extraordinary services.

This activity is specially made for the day-time tourists. Also, the kids love to ride camels. Furthermore, they love to do sand boarding.

Morning dune bashing is at 7 a.m. Our expert desert safari guide will pick you up from your hotel. Afterward, you will start your dune bashing adventure and we make sure that you will feel tremendously happy.

Whenever you will be comfortable in the daytime, our Safari guide will come to you. He will pick you up and will be escorting you throughout the desert. 

Dune Bashing is an art. It’s the most enjoyable part of your trip. The vehicle in which we will pick you up is fully air-conditioned and perfect from all aspects. We know how to do it. Just trust us. We bet that you won’t regret it.

Other entertainment activities:

Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance, Fire Show, and Buffet dinner are all free of cost. Take pictures with Falcon, ride a camel, do the sand boarding all at very affordable prices. What are you waiting for, just call us now!!

Camel riding:

We will take you for the camel riding adventurous activity. Further, you can take photos over there and keep them with you. Sand boarding and camel riding are the two main activities which all the people can enjoy. No matter what their age group is.

Quad Bike:

Three-wheel and four-wheel bikes are available for Quad Bike. Also, It’s a self-drive activity. It is also known as an ATV bike. Just like camel riding and dune bashing, this activity is also liked by all age groups.

In this biking process, one bike can be used only by one person. There is a specific area in the Arabian safari desert for Quad Bike. 

We also have double bikes. Two people can enjoy quad bike at once. It all depends on the budget you have. If you will pay more, you can avail more facilities.

Mostly when people come to us, they like to enjoy double bikes. When two people sit together on a double bike, they are more likely to enjoy the ride.


Whenever you want, we will provide you with a special professional photographer. Their charges are pocket-friendly. Also, this is a fact that we do not want to spoil your fun by charging a lot of money. We make sure that you stay happy on your whole tour.

Enjoy the Arabic Traditional dresses:

Kandoura and Abayas are made for men and women traveling across Dubai. But it is your choice whether you want to wear them or not.

If you think that taking pictures in traditional dresses where you go traveling makes your moments more special then go for it.

We offer you to wear the abayas and kandouras FREE. Do not pay us for getting in touch with the real-life of Arabic men and women. Enjoy taking photographs in local dresses and keep praying for us. There is nothing else we need. Your happiness and satisfaction have been our priority the day we started this business.

Henna Tattoo Art:

You can also enjoy the Henna painting art on the hands, necks, and feet of women and little kids.

There is a henna shop inside the camp. You can avail of their Henna tattoo painting just for FREE. No one can charge you inside the camp for this art as this is included in the Arabian Desert Safari Dubai package.


Hatta Mountain Safari:

Hatta is the hilly area of Dubai. You will pass through the desert area and will go towards the upper Mountain area leading to Oman. In our services these things will be included:

  • We will pick you up from your home at a time that suits you.
  • Drop-off extra charges won’t be included. All is a part of the package.
  • Enjoy the Hatta Mountain Safari with us.
  • We will let you spend your precious time in Hatta Fort Hotel and you will be able to enjoy the Arabian Cuisine.
  • Afterward, there comes a Hatta Heritage village. There, you will come across the Arabic cultural heritage of the people of Dubai.
  • Hatta Hill Park is also a great attraction for tourists. We will show you that as well.
  • You will get a chance to enjoy the Fresh Water Pool.
  • You can buy exclusive and beautifully woven carpets from the Carpet market.
  • We will show you the Hatta Water Dam and Hatta Wadis as well.
Al-Ain Tour:

Al-Ain is the lush green area in UAE. You will be picked up by your hotel at 8:30 am, and we will drop you off at 4:30 p.m. Enjoy the whole day long with us at a very low cost. What you will see here is as follows:

  • Sheikh Zayed Museum
  • Al-Ain Zoo
  • Jabel Hafeeth mountain
  • Camel Souk
  • Hot spring Water
  • Al-Ain Museum

Book your visit now and thank us later.

Dhow Cruise Marina:

Dhow Cruise Marina is an amazing experience to have. Without any further ado let’s talk about what you will get over there.

  • A romantic Dinner
  • Corporate Parties
  • Official Events
  • Open-air deck
  • Enjoy the sunset with your loved ones
  • Enjoy the ravishing beauty of the sea breeze
  • Lower deck for enjoying a silent self-catharsis
  • International Cuisines
  • Music
  • Dance
  • When you’ll go there, a welcome drink will be offered. Water drinks are free.
  • There is a smoking facility a swell.
  • Enjoy the Tanoora dance.
  • Toilet Facility

All the charges for other fun activities are given on our services page and home page as well. You can have a look and book your place. This is the time to enjoy life. Do not waste your time over thinking. Trust our services for you and your family.

You can even enjoy it alone if you want to. As the thrilling nature of the sand attracts everyone towards it. Wear your shorts and go get the thrill of a real adventurous life.

This is the opportunity of making a lifetime memorable moment. Go get your share of fun and hussy up. As we are going to short lists, the requests for bookings due to a huge number of clients. Peoples are coming with their families and friends to enjoy the vacations. Their children thoroughly enjoy the fun activities provided by us.

Talk to us now and book your seats in Arabian Desert Safari Dubai. Enjoy!!