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Best Desert Safari Dubai

Best Desert Safari Dubai Discover the beauty of the Arabian desert Safari, leaving the busy city vibes behind.

Surround yourself with the marvels of nature with a desert exploration to witness the beauty of the lands of UAE.

This Dubai desert safari tour will take you on an unforgettable desert adventure that you will cherish as

one of your best travel adventures.

Get on a 4×4 vehicle and head to the Arabian desert Safari with an experienced desert driver

and Go for a thriller dune bashing session driving over the golden sand dunes.

Once you finish your dune bashing session climb up to a tall sand dune to enjoy the evening sky.

Immerse yourself in serenity as you gaze at the horizon to watch the sinking sun with a traditional cup

of coffee in your hand with some juicy dates.


In other words Take your Arabian desert safari tour to the next level with a camel ride- Because no Best Desert Safari in Dubai

is not completed without a camel ride So Get on a camel back and trek the desert and enjoy a bumpy ride

with your new-found friend.


If you lust for more wild adventures, prepare yourself for an exhilarating sand boarding and skiing experience.

Climb up to a sand dune and slide down on a sand board which you will find to can’t get enough of.

After that Pose for a photo-shoot with traditional costumes and later in the evening get ready for a traditional

BBQ experience under the starry sky.

In addition Sit back and relax and enjoy the silence of the dark desert as you enjoy

the cool breeze of the desert piercing through your cheeks.


Above all evening in Arabian will take you on a wild desert adventure that will add incredible travel moments

to your United Arab Emirates tour. Plan your evening desert safari in Dubai for a low price with us.

Looking For More Options to Book Best Desert Safari Dubai ?

Checkout these two more options below

  • Evening Desert Safari from 79 AED with pickup and drop off by a Car from Specific Locations. Click Here
  • Evening Desert Safari with pickup and drop off from Home/Hotel Including Quad Bike Starting
         From 139 AED Click Here

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