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Arabian Safari Adventure

offering  Desert Safari Dubai is famous Tour of UAE. People visit in UAE and have wish to enjoy desert safari Dubai without Desert Safari Dubai trip cannot be complete.

People search online and made booking of Best Desert Safari Dubai.

Desert Safari Dubai is very attractive trip for people of UAE and tourist.

People book Evening desert safari with Arabian Safari Adventure and enjoy a lot of entertainment and fun under one roof. Dubai Desert is great attraction for tourist.

Desert is full of sand and it’s up and down dunes make it’s more attractive and beautiful. 

Evening in the desert is beautiful view of Sun Set which people don’t want to miss by any cost.

Dune drive in 4×4 Land Cruiser

People enjoy Dune drive in 4×4 Land Cruiser. They enjoy camel Ride in desert.

Desert Camp is Bedouin style Down sitting cousin table and separate Majlis.

Inside camp a lot of fun and live Entertainment for tourist. At the time of arrival serve them Welcome tea and coffee. Arabic Style Traditional dresses provide them for photography. 

Falcon is available inside for photography.  Buffet dinner serve during live Entertainment of Belly Dance, Tanoura Dance, Fire Show, 

People enjoy a lot in Evening Desert Safari with our affordable Desert Safari Deals. We are offering very cheap and affordable deals for tourist. Arabian Safari Adventure all time offer good deals for tourist.

Evening Desert Safari Inclusion 

Arabian Safari Adventure provide Pick and drop from Home by luxury Air Conditioners Vehicle Bus and Cars anywhere in Dubai or Sharjah with affordable price. Tourist or group of friends enjoy journey from home to Desert. Our Driver and Tour guide are very expert. They guide tourist and provide them all required information. After pick up from home with Air Conditioner Vehicles arrive at Desert for Safari Adventure .

Dune Bashing 

Dune Bashing is most important part of Desert Safari.  It’s a big adventure of UAE. People enjoy a lot Dune Bashing in 4×4 Land Cruiser. 

Our Experience driver provide them best Dune Bashing and thrilling adventure in the desert.

Dune Bashing is a art and fun. Our driver are very expert in this fun. They provide unforgettable adventure to the tourist in Desert by 4×4. Desert Dune Bashing is big Adventure for tourist. They took a lot of unforgettable memories.

Sand Boarding 

Sand Boarding is another adventure in desert. Tourist drive board on Sand Dunes and enjoy. Adult and child all age like to do sand boarding in Desert. Mostly European guest like to do Sand Boarding with great fun.

Camel Riding 

Camel is famous Rid of Desert. People take ride of Camel in the Desert and took pictures. We are Offering free Camel rid and tourist can rid and take Photography. But sometime tourist want to do long rid of Camel in Desert. If tourist want to do long Rid with Camel then provide long Rid with extra cost. Tourist want to take photo during Rid and save as memory.

Quad Bike 

Quad Bike is self drive three wheel and four wheel bike in desert. Quad Bike is called ATV bike as well. Child and Adult everyone like to do Quad Bike in the desert. There is one single Bike only one person can sit and drive in selected area of Desert.

Double Bike is big and two person can sit together. Double Bike price is little more then single bike. Most of the family like Double Bike so they can sit with child and enjoy Bike rid in the Desert.

Quad Bike can drive only selected area. People took picture from professional photographer during Bike drive.

Arabian Safari Adventure offer good deals with Quad Bike.

Traditional Dresses

Traditional Dress means cultural dress of UAE Abaya for female and Kandoura for male. Tourist like to wear Traditional dresses and take memorable photography. Inside Camp site Traditional dresses available for tourist and that not on extra cost. These Traditional dresses included in the Package.

Henna Painting

Henna painting for female and children. That is included in the package. Henna Painting shop available  inside Camp when tourist reach inside Camp. There are different type of fun inside camp. Most of the girl like to do Beautiful Henna Tattoo on hand and neck.  Henna painting included in the Package.


Music is very important part of fun and Adventure. During Dune Bashing also play fast music and drive with music is more fun and Adventure . When tourist reach in Camp they enjoy beautiful music sound in Desert.  Camp DG play nice music sometime English Hindi and Arabic music so all nationalities can enjoy. Desert Evening more romantic with beautiful music.


Shesha is included in Evening Desert Safari Package. Shesha serve in common room. But if Someone want can order Shesha on table with extra Charges. Different flavor of Shesha available.


Dinner is included in Package serve at 7:00 pm. All people follow the que and take dinner.

Menu is very good BBQ dinner with Veg and Non veg items. People enjoy dinner in Desert Evening. Unlimited soft drink tea Coffee water all included in Package

Live Entertainment Show

First present Tanoura Dance with a amazing music and beautiful Cultural dress.

Fire show is one more outstanding live entertainment show. Fire show artist present fire show with best performance and people cannot stop appreciation. Fire show performer play with fire and show fun of fire. Sometime guest join on stage and make more fun.

Belly Dance is special part of Evening Desert Safari. Our best performer perform live Belly dance and entertain people with beautiful dance.

People enjoy all live Entertainment shows

Falcon Photography

Falcon is available inside Camp and people like to take memorable pictures.

Above all evening in Arabian will take you on a wild desert adventure that will add incredible travel moments

to your United Arab Emirates tour. Plan your evening desert safari in Dubai for a low price with us.

Looking For More Options to Book Desert Safari Dubai ?

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